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Stolen Hours

Breaking Free From Secret Addictions

by John Howard Prin, LADC

All of us keep a secret now and then, but at least one out of twelve people are chronic Secret Keepers. Secret Keepers are people whose secrets have power over them and make them misbehave, become sick, or violate others. Persons who are burdened by unhealthy secret-keeping habits are troubled people who “steal hours” away from their public lives to act out their secret behaviors or passions - sometimes for decades - but who rarely get found out. They are everyday folks who may be well functioning on one level, but in bondage to deeply held secrets on another. The author himself is a prime example.and Stolen Hours is his story.

"Anyone in recovery will recognize the ground covered in Stolen Hours. Addictions wind through dark and mysterious ways. John Prin's book provides much welcome light along this difficult journey. Everyone in recovery will benefit from this read."

Earnie Larsen, best-selling author of Stage II Recovery

The book describes the 8 mind sets of persons with these secret-keeping® traits and the relationship between secret-keeping and self-defeating behaviors such as alcohol/drug abuse, compulsive gambling, sexual addictions, and eating disorders. It also contains a "Continuum of Secrets" model and numerous examples of secret-keeping comprised mainly of the author's own 40-year case history. It offers practical ways to confront the problem and encourages readers in their own healthy pursuit of whole-mindedness.

PACKED WITH USEFUL RESOURCES - includes charts, bibliography, scripture verses, and dozens of MetaViews that highlight key lessons and insights.

Stolen Hours


Secret Keeping