“Live your life so that the preacher doesn’t have to tell lies at your funeral.”

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The Roadmap To Lifelong Recovery

Tested Strategies to Overcome Addiction And Avoid Relapse

by John Howard Prin, LADC

This guidebook is meant for men and women with addictive histories who feel ready to discover ways to create satisfying, non-using lives. Appropriate for in-patient and out-patient settings or aftercare and sober living programs, it offers genuine encouragement and a practical “step by step” method for you to sort through your damaged feelings and mixed-up thoughts to discover your TRUE YOU . . . your real, healthy self that existed before you used. It will serve as the anchor for your authentic life of sobriety.

This book will help you if you’re asking:

“Where do I need to go, now that I’m not using?”
“My sobriety feels fragile and I’m afraid I’ll relapse.”
“How can I deal with my past and re-build my life?”
“I got the help I needed from treatment, so now what?”

This guidebook deals candidly with the common doubts and frequent negative thoughts persons in early sobriety experience while re-defining and re-building their lives after addiction. Discover new and productive ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving. This guidebook is your companion manual and “map” for charting an exciting inner journey to lifelong, joyful, relapse-free recovery.

Upon completion of the easy-to-follow exercises in this guidebook, you will:

  1. Define your “True You” identity, finding the satisfaction and stress relief you formerly sought through addiction.
  2. Build a spiritual partnership for sustained sobriety, based on the wisdom of the 12-Steps and the author’s 4 Squares of Life® model for avoiding relapse.
  3. Complete an effective “searching and fearless” Fourth Step, attaining new insights about yourself that can enhance your enthusiasm for recovery.

For the Therapist and Counselor:

Utilize the material in this book as:

  • The basis of a multi-week aftercare course, with built-in homework assignments.
  • The foundation of a lengthier curriculum for clients and family members in extended care and residential programs.
  • A modular, “non-linear” approach to regular group therapy.
  • Individualized counseling ideas intended to rebuild a client’s life.

The Roadmap To Lifelong Recovery